Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am 29 years old. I am about 300 days away from 30. While this is by no means old, it has prompted me to reflect on my journey from child to teenager to pseudo-adult to full fledged, responsible 29 year old. As I reflect on the transformations in my life, I think about the seasons I have passed through. I also find myself waiting for new seasons to arrive with eager anticipation, for I have learned that ALL seasons are good and that each season is God's special way of talking to me. As I begin this blog, there are some key seasons I want to reflect on, and some current seasons I want to relish and enjoy. I pray that this blog helps me to continue in a spirit of reflection and joy, and that those of you who enter the journey with me will find yourselves challenged, entertained, uplifted, and inspired- not by me, but by the hand that guides me.

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