Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mad Props

My son has a posse. This posse invades my house daily, even working its way into the car. My son loves his posse and so do I. Who does a 3 year old boy posse up with? The Imagination Movers!

If you haven't experienced the TV show, The Imagination Movers, or heard their music- you must! This is the one children's show I don't mind Kellen watching over and over. The Movers is a group of four fun guys who came together to make wholesome, educational, fun music for kids. Their music led to a TV show on Disney, and if my son is any indication, they are tearing up the kiddie scene, as they well should. Their show focuses on themes such as creativity, kindness, responsibility, and team work. You won't find violence, dirty jokes, or bad attitudes here.

Besides loving the show, we rock two Mover's CD's in the car- Juice Box Heroes and For Those About to Hop. How can you not love songs that have tones of the Beastie Boys, Devo, big bands, or dance/hip-hop? Any kids band that can work in "The rooster, the rooster, the rooster is tired" is a friend of mine. Some of their songs include titles like Please and Thank You, I Love my Mommy, Seven Days a Week, In the Fridge, and My Favorite Snack.

A kid's show that is wholesome, music mommy doesn't mind listening to- it doesn't get better than the Imagination Movers!

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