Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disney, Here We Come!

We booked our big Disney trip today- a trip we have been thinking about ever since Jesse and I returned last May from an adults only trip to the World. Here are the details so far:

Who: All of us- Alison, Jesse, and Kellen!

When: October 10th-16th, 2010

Where: Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas (2 nights), Beach Club Villas (4 nights)

We feel so blessed to have connected with a Disney Vacation Club owner who is renting us points for a studio villa at a much cheaper rate than a regular moderate Disney resort! This way we will have a kitchenette to save on some food costs plus we get to stay at some awesome resorts on the cheap!

How: By car (not sure how the car trip will go, any tips, please share!)


Sunday- Arrive, check-in, Downtown Disney (I assume Kellen will tear up the Lego Store...)

Monday 11th- Animal Kingdom and the pool

Tuesday 12th- Hollywood Studios

Wednesday 13th- Magic Kingdom

Thursday 14th- Pool Day and Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party

Friday 15th- Magic Kingdom

Saturday 16th- Depart

Reasoning: Thinking about this trip, we heard a lot of comments for and against. In the end, while Kellen may be young (3 1/2), we feel that the time to make family memories is now. Kellen won't remember everything we do, but Jesse and I will, and more than anything, we will enjoy time together as a family. We view this as our last hoorah as a family of three before we think about adding another child (no, not pregnant now...). For me, it's about time away from the normal routine, time to relax, laugh, play, and just spend time interacting without jobs, house, chores, errands distracting us. Those of you who have been to Disney with a small child, I would love to hear some feedback/comments!

We'll keep you posted as the trip approaches!

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