Monday, March 1, 2010

Of potties and pee...

We reached a milestone this weekend. A milestone that is bittersweet, one long awaited while at the same time long dreaded. One of the last vestiges of toddlerhood has been reached- Kellen's potty trained. Our weekend was filled with applause, stickers, and hugs to celebrate our son's proficient potty-ing. From #1's to #2's, we saw it all with no accidents. While I am a very proud momma, I have found myself somewhat teary eyed at this latest step into independence. I won't miss buying diapers but I will miss the baby who cooed at me while getting his diaper changed. I'll miss the toddler who began to see diaper changes as a game, trying to twist and turn away from mommy until subdued by tickles. Most of all I'll miss the laughter that so often came during diaper changes. This may all sound a bit dramatic but I have found myself trying hard to focus on the moments of childhood, trying not to spend time dwelling on the past or dreaming about the future, but rather trying to take in the daily events that make up my life. In his book Devotions for Sacred Parenting, Gary Thomas states:

"When our kids are young, the temptation is to let life slip by, as though a day is an inconsequential penny rather than the invaluable treasure it really is...Why is it that when our kids are young, we can't just sit sit back and enjoy the here and now?"

What moments are passing us by? What are we letting distract us? For me, my tendency to worry has often overshadowed the time spent with my family. My hope for the future is not about the bigger house, the better car, or the best job. It's the simple hope of memories made over potties and pee.

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